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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 30, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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you thought about tonight's show, keep it here on fox news channel. thanks again, good night from washington, d.c.. pleasure. thank you very much. >>guest: enjoyed it. >> secondly, i look at the feedback i have gotten from the supporters. third, some people will convict me in the court of public opinion, and might cause them not to contribute. well, the first day that the story broke, contributions dropped way off. guess what? they are moving back up. those are the things i have been reassessing and i will make the decision in the course of the next several days, the assessment with my
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family. that is absolutely my number one priority. >> eric: hello i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, glenn beck, dana perino and greg gutfeld. bob, you want to get at it. what did you hear from herman cain tonight? >> bob: i only had to hear the first reassessment that says i'm thinking about my family. my politician that says that is gone. he said four things but only said three. wherever you say i'm -- whenever you say i'm looking at the impact of my family it means you are looking at the day you are leaving. out with a week. >> eric: big call. >> greg: good point. if you were thinking about your family, you probably never enter politics. it's a nightmare. when someone says the word "reassess," that is never, you never reassess anything good. it's like i describe it when you go in a bar and you realize, it's not a good bar. you reassess and pretend you're having a good time. back out quietly. >> eric: if he does back
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out, who picks up herman cain's it, 10, 11, 12% he holds now? who benefits from that? >> dana: a lot of speculation about this today. three different ways to go about it. i think it could go 33, 33, 33. it could help romney, it could help gingrich, you can look at it and say it might help somebody else. if you don't like gingrich or romney you might take a second look at perry or a huntsman or bachmann or santorum, or even a ron paul. >> kimberly: i think it goes to newt, majority of it. some of it may slip certainly, but the majority goes to newt. romney said sustained numbers. we haven't seen him go up or down depending from the fall-out others trying to struggle from the anybody but romney position. this is newt's advantage. if you see the trending in the polls, he is continuing to do well. the numbers in florida are outstanding for newt right now. >> bob: i think you are right about newt having the advantage. let's keep in mind, when these things happen, everybody says they take 100%.
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say we'll divvy it up. a chunk of the people that won't go. they will stay home. >> eric: a very valid point. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: they like cain so much if he is not in, i'm not going. >> bob: cain supporters are a unique breed of people. in the midst of everything bad for him, they stayed with him. there are certain people that get dedication from their supporters. he is one of them. like ron paul, same thing. sorry, the ear piece didn't work again. >> dana: if he does go down, one question is if he were to, you said within a week, does the endorsement matter? >> eric: i don't know if i'd want his endorsement if he backs out. >> greg: positive side of the story is that black america realizes there are black conservative alternatives out there. they don't always have to vote for democrats, which means allen west 2016. >> eric: interesting comment about allen west. turn our attention a little to mitt romney. bret baier last night sat down with mitt. got testy at times.
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take a listen. >> do you think a mandate, mandating people to buy insurance is the right tool? >> bret, i don't know how many hundred times i said this, too. this is an unusual interview. let's do it again. absolutely. what we did in massachusetts was right for massachusetts. >> you did say on camera and other places that at times you thought it would be a model for the nation. >> you're wrong, bret. >> no. >> the tape out there -- continue to read the tape. the tape goes on to say for each state to be able to look at it. >> greg: i can't cross my legs because my feet wouldn't touch the ground. the thing with romney he is getting tired of asking america out for a date. everybody keeps saying no. he will turn in to an angry ex, he will hate america. >> kimberly: we don't want that to happen. >> eric: those are the questions he hasn't really been asked before. hasn't been put on the hot seat like that before. >> kimberly: it was good.
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bret was direct. you get angry or be upset with bret baier. he's a reasonable man. head up, one against the other. advantage, bret baier on the hair. he looked good. >> bob: let me say a couple revealing things about this. this guy skated for a year without getting hit very hard. it's better for a presidential candidate to get hit and deal with it early rather than later. wife opponents never took him on, i don't know. the second thing is, if you notice, he does have an anger level to him. if he is going to get mad at that, wait until somebody really starts, wait until people who aren't real press people unlike bret baier throw questions at him. this boy has to get thick skin. he needs valium soon. >> eric: you think he was surprised by the question? >> dana: no, he is feeling irritated and maybe he feels like he doesn't have a good answer. he has been asked the question a lot. he realizes this is his
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achilles heel and he thinks i don't know how to better answer this. let's move on. but the problem is they won't move on. it's better if every single time you sit there and say glad you asked the question. >> eric: great question. >> dana: answer it again. do not show the irritation. remember when president obama was no drama obama. a year later he started to show that little bit of anger and then he was called snippy at the press. you don't want to be called snippy when you're a politician. >> eric: there is a big discussion of who is more conservative, romney or newt gingrich? listen to newt gingrich and hannity later on tonight. watch. >> i'm clearly the more conservative candidate by any rational standard. 90% of the american conservative standing for 20 years. it helped ronald reagan and jack kemp develop supply-side economics and led the effort to defeat communism in
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congress and helped the speaker of the house balance the federal budget for four straight years. that part is no contest. >> dana: i think michele bachmann would disagree. she went out right away and attacked gingrich on them gration piece. she did an ad, last week that i'm the true conservative in the race. >> eric: fair. >> dana: santorum would disagree and so would perry. >> eric: he was asked a question who is more conservative you or romney? >> dana: gingrich ads another point. i'm not just the most conservative. i'm the most electable. >> a big difference, though. is it not, bob? >> bob: go ahead. >> dana: no, go ahead. >> bob: what strikes me about this is one, he talks about he was the most conservative with ronald reagan. and worked with jack kemp. the republican party is much more conservative now than then. ronald reagan would have been seen as sort of conservative candidate. jack kemp, the same thing. one thing to be careful of with newt gingrich have you noticed he gets in to this, he
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always created it. i did this at the start. he needs to use more modesty. >> dana: a debate between him and obama. >> eric: finish your thought. not close. >> bob: i don't think it's close between gingrich and romney. romney thinks he has a problem with healthcare. roll out what he said about abortion! >> eric: and immigration. >> greg: newt is so egotistical he compares him to newt gingrich. >> eric: registered republicans, 72% of them consider themselves conservative as opposed to moderates or liberals. so where has that vote gone? the herman cain conservative vote going? romney or gingrich? >> kimberly: somebody start up the romance music. newt has to get out and court and say he is the true conservative in the race. he is the one that can beat barack obama. he has good poll numbers on his side to show head-to-head on that regard. he has to tell them the
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comparisons with reagan, his answer is spot-on. >> eric: around the table, start with greg. you have $100 to bet on romney or gingrich, where does it go? all or nothing. >> greg: i guess i put it on romney. >> dana: i hold. >> eric: you can't. >> dana: i do. >> eric: you can't. >> dana: i do. i did it last night. i hold. >> bob: i take a position but a fast point, romney has been around now for five years. and if you look -- not that he has been flat, the numbers. the intensity of support for romney does not exist. 25% of the people who think he can beat barack obama. that is the only thing he has going for him. when you have been around that long and you don't have intense supporters that tells you, my $100 goes to gingrich. >> kimberly: my gosh. we should put heart around our face together. i agree with bob. newt has the momentum. >> greg: i said romney. though i agree that romney is a bab-up quarterback.
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>> dana: it wasn't the liberals that ousted speaker gingrich, it was fellow republicans that ousted speaker gingrich. >> eric: $100 on romney? >> dana: i'm holding. >> eric: i go with newt. more on 2012 straight ahead. new york city school district banning the phrase "merry christmas." get out of here! also, don't forget to e-mail us at be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: love that song. hey, i'm sorry, i'm on the "b" block. welcome back to "the five." more from mitt romney's interview with bret baier. he isn't backing down from the health insurance mandate in massachusetts. not yet. >> i'm standing by what i did in massachusetts. the biggest issue that dogs me in the primary campaign, i'm firm that it was the right thing for our state. i'll defend that. i understand it has political
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implications. if it keeps me from winning a primary, so be it. >> bob: okay, let's do this. >> greg: do they do that at the loading dock on albertsons? >> bob: what do you think of that answer? can he get away with that? he will have to. >> dana: once he takes the position and decides that was right, it would be impossible to say it wasn't right. he has to defend it but he has to do it without getting defensive. >> eric: point out what obama did when he heard that? h >> dana: probably better than that. >> what? >> eric: better moves than that. >> kimberly: i have seen obam dance. >> bob: you want to say something about this? >> dana: move on. >> eric: move on, brother. >> eric: we'll talk polls.
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we talk about this before, eric and i had. the first debate, if it is mitt romney with the president of the united states, president obama say before we start this debate, i want to thank you, mitt, for your blueprint for my healthcare plan. >> greg: bob, we have this question we are talking about before the show. is mitt the inevitable candidate. i think he is. so i came up with the bumper stickers. >> dana: cute. >> greg: show the first one. romney, the hair-apparent. next one, please. just admit it. he's all we've really got at this point. and it's mittevitable so stop fighting it. >> kimberly: he looks triumphant, like arnold schwarzenegger. i like it. >> bob: one thing about the presidential politics, important aspect of a poll. it may not show you who is really in front. but intensity matters. in polls. take a look at the poll about the republicans and their
11:17 pm
intensity factors are. this will tell you a lot. positive intensity for romney and gingrich. if you look at that, the difference is stark. this close to iowa. i can't read the numbers. >> eric: gingrich -- >> kimberly: c'mon. >> eric: up from one and romney down from 20. >> bob: the going down with romney, this is people who were with him because they thought he could win now. with gingrich you are starting to see an alternative. the fastest people to fall off are people who think you have to win. they are the weakest supporte supporters. less than 60 days from iowa and the guy can't break 25% nationally. >> kimberly: that is the problem. whoever is falling like road kill along the way in the process, he hasn't been able to pick up any scratch from any of them. doesn't have the passionate
11:18 pm
supporters. >> dana: one thing when gingrich is down to 1%, member of his staff left. the infrastructure can matter in a campaign. >> bob: sure. >> dana: can you get the support and resources and pull it together and bring it home? in iowa, where even though people said romney wasn't strong, didn't have a strong enough presence. does the infrastructure problem matter in the next 60 days? >> bob: intensity trumps organization in the caucus. romney got 25% in iowa the last time. he spent millions of dollars to do that. this time he is late getting in, not spending as much money. i don't think his organization is nearly as good as it was. i don't think it's going to deliver that much more. >> greg: why do they call it positive intensity? that sounds like something you get at family planning section of the drugstore. just say we don't like them or we do. >> bob: why are you in the
11:19 pm
family planning section if you don't have kids? >> eric: you forgot an important poll today? the generic republican has him beating obama 48 to 42% >> bob: i told you this before. i could run you against obama and you'd win. >> eric: put you up against glenn beck. >> bob: don't put me up there. >> greg: the riddleer. >> bob: while we're doing that, take a look at since our fabulous producer from oklahoma wanted me to put the poll. foryears ago at this stage of the game. do you have that? you don't want to run it. this is republicans. this is where it was four years ago, virtually today. rudy giuliani was leading the pack. second place was -- >> kimberly: freddie thompson. >> eric: fast freddie. it's up there.
11:20 pm
john mccain, shawn commir mike . this is a national poll. but look at new hampshire. do we have the new hampshire poll? my ear piece tell out again. all right. romney got a lead over -- i could read that. 34% to 24%. romney had a lead of 20 points in new hampshire. just the talk of gingrich bring his numbers down. if and only if gingrich wins in iowa, i will guarantee you this is a close race in new hampshire. a race that the romney people set up to be not only a must win but we are going to win big. they are not going to win it big. >> kimberly: i agree. look at numbers now. they are consistent for newt and not in the right direction of romney.
11:21 pm
>> bob: quickly, in south carolina, gingrich is ahead in south carolina. romney's big problem is after you leave new hampshire, you have to go south and spend a lot of time in the south. gingrich will do well there. now i tease. okay. it's responsible -- oh, is it? is it responsible to extend tax cuts without paying for it? of course it is. we'll talk about it. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get ther like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported.
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>> dana: that is my favorite new song. i love it. >> bob: greg likes it. >> dana: sang it at the white house. i wish he would have sang it for us at "the five."
11:26 pm
but let's talk about president obama. went to scranton, pennsylvania, and that's joe biden hometown. and he spoke to the working class that he said were clingers in 2008. in a recorded incident that was great campaign fodder in pennsylvania. today is president obama's 17th strip to the state. seven were since he announced running for re-election. today they crossed the line from taxpayers funded event and fundraiser. coming to new york to mess up traffic. but interestingly today, senator bob casey decided not to show up to the event. that is happening to president obama this other places. missouri, senator mccaskill up for election as well and did not show up. shelly berkeley in nevada. tim kaine dodging him in virginia.
11:27 pm
it's a hard, sometimes hard to show up when you are unpopula unpopular. >> bob: when i managed mondale's campaign we couldn't get the dog catcher to come out there. stay away from that, because the dog ain't hunting. we stay away. that makes sense. they are overreacting to the neg fall-out. there will be a big turnout. but the question is who will turn out? >> dana: pennsylvania has not gone on the way of republicans since george h.w. bush. >> eric: there is a reasoning casey didn't show up. people according to the quinnipiac poll, 80% of the pennsylvanians think economy is headed in the wrong direction. do i think pennsylvania will go republican? probably. the state did, the governor is
11:28 pm
republican. it's headed in that direction. the clinger address, with what candidate obama said about the people of pennsylvania they were bitter clinger to religions and guns. >> dana: the working class type. >> bob: but the point is there is a lot of them in pennsylvania. that had, there is a thing they call the mountain, hill, valley. mongol valley. a lot of blue collar workers. the economy is terrible. i agree. but republicans won in 2010 when the turn-out was down and republican year. in pennsylvania, the democrats have almost 2 to 1 registration over republicans. it's highly unlikely the republicans can win. if they win pennsylvania, they will win 40 states.
11:29 pm
>> kimberly: 20 reasons the republicans need to capitalize on this. electoral votes are up for grabs. if there is a time to seize it and go after it. go for pennsylvania. they should get it. this is the right climate and environment for them to be able to say look you are upset about the jobs. you are unhappy. a bad disapproval rating. >> bob: but if you taker rick's generic and put in either romney or gingrich and have them campaign in the valley and newt will have them so confused, guns, church and whiskey. romney will have them bored to death. >> dana: i want to bring up substance of the president obama speech today. payroll tax cut, greg. one thing he said is the joint speech to congress in december, every part of my jobs bill will be paid for. now the white house is signaling it might not be paid
11:30 pm
for. the democrats think the republicans have them in a bind. >> greg: this is a political maneuver, part of the class war fair thing. but they aren't fighting the payroll tax. a ruse. not much of a debate. the idea of him appealing to the borking class, he put off the xl pipeline and put the environmentalists before the working class. >> kimberly: he is a job killer. >> bob: before i let you get away with it. >> greg: i can keep going. the other thing is he called them gun clingers. he has a problem with individuals who protect themselves but not a problem with the mob. >> eric: you had to get on occupy wall street. >> bob: listen, this is a simple statement. the republicans are going to hold out for george bush tax
11:31 pm
cut. >> eric: what world are we in where it's hand paid for -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: want to make sure the millionaires have that much more money in their hand. c'mon, man. >> dana: this is my block. can i get the last word? the millionaires tax cannot pass the senate due to senate democrats. >> eric: that is the case. >> dana: we'll move on. san francisco, by ronald mcdonald. greg will tell us about that next. ♪ ♪ financial advice is everywhere.
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now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." san francisco, the city where not only the dogs walk on leashes, has managed to ban mcdonald's happy meals. the ban says in order to include a toy with a meal, restaurants must comply with the city's ridiculous nutritional standards. this thursday in the town where diveiants dine nude the ban goes in effect. that is a positive, by the way. but it may be disastrous. before the ban, you could buy the toy without getting the meal. now to get it, you have to donate 10 cents to charity. but to donate you have to buy the happy meal.
11:38 pm
so the meal falls in the hand of happy chubby kids. is rapid mcdonald a sexy genius? i say yes. this is what happens when they try to ledge vate bitterness to capitalism. the consumers pay more and businesses get sneakier and hilarious consequences ensue. mcdonald's is proving again one should never outclown a clown. aren't you excited? this is a victory not just for mcdonald's but america. >> eric: this is great. san francisco says you can't give away the happy meal, because it's enticing children to want a happy meal. fine. this is fantastic. anytime government gets involved, prices go up, inefficiency goes up. you get less choice. >> dana: is there a mom or dad in americaho would not pay a dime to get the happy meal toy to get the kid happy? >> greg: exactly.
11:39 pm
goes to ronald mcdonald charity. everybody wins except for san francisco. >> kimberly: this is typical of the san francisco board of supervisors. my supervisor for where i have my place in san francisco -- >> bob: you were married to the mayor of san francisco, weren't you? >> kimberly: bob! >> greg: that was a fun happy meal. >> kimberly: can i give the toy back? [ laughter ] >> bob: whoa! slam dunk. >> kimberly: wow! this is like the least obnoxious thing the board of supervisors has done. they pride themselves to be activists and they like the to overrun the mayor's office. they do things in the pass like we want legislation about burma. really? >> greg: this is the same city they allowed people to walk around naked in restaurants. >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> greg: they're not attractive women. >> bob: okay.
11:40 pm
sorry, sorry big greg. okay, can you imagine what mcdonald's would have been like with 5-year-olds denied toys? imagine how loud that would have been? i can speak on this. when you went through your government rip, your eyes were clued directly at me. make the point >> eric: the only one at the table in favor of bigger government. >> bob: you're right. there is something to be careful about here. there is some advantage to the nutritional facts. do you have a problem with having the calorie content? >> eric: filled with nutritional value of a happy meal? point is the happy meal. >> eric: i am asking you a question. >> bob: they have the number of calories in supermarkets on everything now. do you have a problem with that?
11:41 pm
>> eric: no. >> bob: fine. rest my case. >> greg: "new york times" had a study overweight emcomply years -- i'm not looking to you, are 30% more likely to be absent due to work-related injuries. don't get up. >> kimberly: where are you going? should it be illegal for businesses to discriminate against applicants who are obese? >> dana: no, i don't think it should be illegal. there is a little personal responseability to be taken here. obesity is a serious thing. but i'm not for the government to tell me who i can and can't hire. maybe i hire someone because i didn't think they were good enough. and they sue me because they thought i thought they were five pounds overweight? >> greg: the people usually not at work are the skinny
11:42 pm
good looking people because they're out all night getting drunk. >> eric: the free market can have you hire who you want, fat, skinny, white, black, brown, unemployed or not employd already. if we're consistent in discriminating you should discriminate. >> bob: you should be able to discrim senat discriminate? >> kimberly: who wants to work. >> bob: there should be a law against it for personal reasons. beyond that, the government, there is discrimination in the workforce by employers. we do if it you're black. the other thing -- let me say this in 30 seconds. now, have you noticed when you get your catalogs from christmastime, every person in
11:43 pm
those things is skinny and they look good. they have their hair -- >> eric: you know who is not skinny? field and stream catalog. 40 pages of guns. >> bob: they carry 40 pounds of ammo. >> greg: overweight people work harder. they don't waste their time exercising or socializing. >> bob: this is a perfect example right here. >> kimberly: you're obsessed you tell us already you have a full-on love affair with chubbies. he does! >> greg: people discriminated against are homely people like me. >> bob: you're not homely, you're just short. >> greg: did someone say war on christmas? i think i did. wi will explain it to you after the break. if you leave now i'll go on the internet and say mean things about you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." i love that music. more political correctness run amok, this time in "road to socialism." the liberal governor there chaffey is calling the state house christmas tree, holiday tree. you can't call it a christmas tree apparently. he claims it's a church and state thing. now, eric, you see prepared for this segment. i'll go to you first. >> eric: i'm tired of this. are we going to talk about this through christmas time, too? the liberal left, the socialists are all against christmas. but are more to willing to say it's occupy wall street's right to protest publicly. but god forbid you put a nativity scene in public place or public building or school. up in arms. >> bob: obama, obama, obama. >> kimberly: is that a
11:49 pm
clock? >> eric: did notice muslim holidays. >> bob: i'm a socialist and i'm for christmas. >> eric: but you're one of the few. >> bob: the tree issue, jersey shore. >> eric: it's our tree. >> dana: it belongs to "the five." >> bob: let's get a real tree. >> bob: you are parking new jersey a lot. >> eric: drive through turnpike. you can't breathe but it's fine. nobody bashs it. it's a bad idea. this tree, we have another topic that is a good thing they're doing. this is going too far. give me a break. >> dana: it's a christmas tree. >> greg: i hope they don't change the name of santa's elves, we just had the shirts made. >> bob: which are you? >> greg: gregie.
11:50 pm
>> kimberly: eric we have another one for you that might spin your hat a bit. >> bob: i am worried about your son. >> eric: he's fine. >> kimberly: shaming him with the hat. it's christmas. good enough, right? you got the hat on. the teachers aren't allowed to say merry christmas. this is in new york. we move from "road to socialism." so the city school district asked principals to enforce the policy. banning christmas and honca decorations in classroom. she said he was looking forward to the holiday party and think the ban is ridiculous. parents are upset. what is the point? >> eric: political correctness run amok. obama highlighted another muslim holiday.
11:51 pm
he only talked about earth day, not good friday. he certainly -- >> bob: i didn't know that obama had vote on the new york city education board. >> kimberly: christmas needs a communications specialists or something. >> dana: people need to get a grip. it is christmas. i don't know who they are trying to protect in this. >> bob: go ahead, greg. say another antisocialist thing. >> greg: i'd say that christmas is fun. multiculturalism is boring. it takes -- even if you are not christmas, you like presents and food. if multiculturalism invades it takes the fun out of everything. i want to make a point, when i got married at the justice of the peace, they had a christmas tree, minora and kwanzaa thing. they were all bad. the christmas thee was bad, minora was bad and kwanzaa was
11:52 pm
bad. >> bob: the only thing missing was a license. >> dana: nobody calls at it holiday minora. we respect the religion and call it hanukkah minora. >> kimberly: but do you understand teachers can't write merry christmas on the board? >> bob: this is a multicultural city. a lot of kids are multicultural. >> eric: this is a christmas tree, c-h-r-i-s-t christ in christmas. thank you. >> bob: boy, you got a christmas tree. i should keep christ in christmas. all right. >> eric: what does vit to do with it? gun does not equal violence. >> bob: why don't you buy everybody a gun. >> kimberly: you have to table that discussion. tonight is a christmas tree lighting in new york city.
11:53 pm
donald trump. we show you what he said. you want to stick around see if bowling will have the hat on when we come back from the break. right? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." president obama will be in new york tonight, oh, great, for another fundraiser. it's also the night of the christmas tree lighting here, so obama being here adds to the madness. donald trump not happy about it. listen. >> we have a president who doesn't give a damn about inconveniencing people. i want to talk about inconvenient. you will never see a mess like this tomorrow night. president obama is holding a fundraiser. this president is a much different person than people know. he is a very inconsiderate guy. stop with the fundraisers and run the country. you're doing a hell of a lousy job. >> eric: you have so right. >> bob: donald, stop filling
11:58 pm
the building so we can drive around town and stop taking limos every place you go. you are losing your mind. >> eric: you're jealous. he has better hair than you. >> bob: i'm jealous because i didn't inherit my money. >> eric: this place is a mad house right now. >> bob: so what? >> kimberly: you don't care. it was a mess, out there trying to get anywhere in new york. people seeing justin bieber and lining up for barack obama. >> eric: is he here? >> kimberly: he pretaped it. i don't want to get in bieber trouble. >> bob: you don't think trump, the crane he has building another trump tower is not a problem for traffic? >> eric: can we talk about the tweet? >> bob: he knows if he says anything bad about obama we'll play. anything he says we'll play. >> greg: you are sounding like an angry man on the bus.
11:59 pm
what is wrong with you? >> eric: the man is right. he says it like he sees it. can we -- >> dana: i would imagine the white house scheduled a meeting they didn't think when they scheduled the fundraisers that they would be conflicting with the -- i imagine it didn't occur to them. if it had, they might have decided to do -- >> bob: listen to this quickly. >> eric: donald trump, quickly, tweeted last night to get elected president obama will start a war with iran. >> bob: when donald said that, we need to tell him that iran is not a suburb of jersey city. donald, you've got to get it together. jersey a fine place. personally, i think trump is a nice guy. i do. >> eric: you sound like it. >> bob: but do you think -- >> eric: we have


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